Willow Creek North Shore Men's Event - "No More Excuses"

Every man deserves a place where he can be fully known and fully loved. If you've bought the lie that it's too late for you to start over, either because of mistakes you've made or because of what others have done to you, let's take the chance to tell a different story. 

Failure is never final. There is a group of men in our church who are getting excited for the future of our families, communities, churches and our region. We want to launch a movement of men to make a difference in their lives and those whom they love.

As Evans puts it: " The tragedy is not just that we go through [painful] experiences. The tragedy is that we often go through them without learning from them or realizing that God can make something good out of them."

It's never too late to stop making excuses and start rebuilding your life. I want to challenge every man in our community to start fresh--and you've got to believe that God will make good on His promise to bring good into your life.

If that's your desire, then this is the place to start.

Right here. Right now. 

Register today to join us for an hour of encouragement and more importantly, to receive the tools to start a revolution among men in our community. Share this with a man you know that would be encouraged to attend.

North Shore Campus

Willow Creek North Shore Auditorium

Registration closed on Saturday, March 6, 2021