Work Love Pray | Saturdays, Winter 2021

Are you driven to succeed and grow in your career? Do you want to sharpen your leadership skills in your workplace and at home while connecting with like-minded professional women? At this bi-weekly transformational experience, you will learn how to integrate your faith, work and relationships. The goal of these sessions is to build a community of professional Christian women through ever, deepening redemptive relationships and to connect, lead and support you in your leadership journey.

Teaching will take place online through Zoom, with breakout groups for deeper relationships and discussion.

January 23 – A TASTE OF WORK LOVE PRAY – Self-Leadership (II Peter 1:3-11)

Let me tell you a secret: God wants to use you to do amazing things. He wants you to pursue many of your wild dreams. The Bible is filled with stories of people who accomplished things no one thought possible, and He’s still using the most unlikely people to do the impossible today. Think you’re just an ordinary person? Well, according to God’s Word, you fit the profile of doing the impossible. As He calls you to do them, He will give you the divine power to succeed. Peter outlines a recipe to help you get from here to there as God grows you to deliver His vision for your life.

This session will give you a Taste to prepare you for the Winter/Spring series and strategies to lead your toughest leadership battle – YOU.

February 13 – Self-Care – Life and Godliness

Healthy leaders are important for healthy organizations. An empty tank leads nowhere. Let me guess. You’re so busy caring for others that you haven’t really taken great care of yourself. Welcome to leadership. Learn 10 healthy options for self-care in leadership.

February 27 – Self-Deception – Add to Your Faith, Knowledge

If you are like most people when you talk about self-deception, it’s easy to think of others. We don’t know what we don’t know about ourselves. In order to see ourselves, we need a different mirror…

March 13 – Self Control – Add To Knowledge, Self-Control

Self-control leads to great rewards, even glory. Live with no regrets. Learn to choose discipline over regrets. Where in your life do you wish you had more control and discipline? What would that allow you to accomplish?

March 27 – Self-Doubt – Add To Self-Control, Perseverance

Doubt creeps in when we fear failure. We stress over failure but we all fail. Fear of failure is far worse in your life than failure itself. Learn the symptoms of fear of failure and the truths you need to remember.

April 10 – Self-Sacrifice – Add to Perseverance, Godliness

Holiness isn’t just ONE of the attributes of God, it is the perfection of ALL His attributes. There is the holiness of God and the sinfulness of mankind. In our culture admittedly, we don’t want to talk about sin. But, if it feels good, do it. Or, if it is true for me it is good for me. God requires more from Christ followers.

April 24 – Selfless – Add to Godliness, Brotherly Kindness

Leaders need to attend to and be aware of others for the sake of the gospel. Be empowered to share your faith with others in the marketplace. Be bold in our witness for Christ, not in a brash way, but if we stand for Christ-like values, we are more than kind.

May 8 – Self-Acceptance – Add to Brotherly Kindness, Love

The virtue that sums up all other virtues is love. There is a big difference between a Leader who is popular and one who is respected. Leadership is more than position, power or popularity. Become a leader people want to follow because of love.

May 22 – LEADER RE-CREATED – Effective and Mature

We end this series reflecting always on what we have learned and now possess because we have been equipped. Have I made my calling sure? Do I have what it takes to live a mature, holy life that Christ wants me to live? Testimonies are critical to know it is possible. You don’t want to miss the close of this series.

South Barrington Campus


Zoom (online)

Date / Time
  • Sat, Apr. 24, 2021, 9:00 AM (2 hours)
  • Sat, May. 8, 2021, 9:00 AM (2 hours)
  • Sat, May. 22, 2021, 9:00 AM (2 hours)