Redeeming Power Workshop (Online)

In a step of commitment toward the Fuller Healing segment of our 2020 vision, we hope you will join us for a meaningful three-week workshop as we read and discuss Diane Langberg’s new book, Redeeming Power. This scripture-saturated publication is a must-read for our congregation and we are excited to dive into several chapters together for a greater understanding of both our vulnerabilities, and the power God grants each of us to steward. The hope is that these initial steps will start an ongoing journey of better reflecting the heart of Jesus in how He used His power to serve and protect His sheep.

Every individual has areas of both power and vulnerability. This workshop is for every individual in our church wanting to discuss and learn about these topics, whether they are coming from a place of wholeness or woundedness, whether already possessing knowledge or just beginning to explore. Discussions may include mature topics of abuse, oppression, or racism. Our goal in these discussions is to become a healthier community of Jesus-followers, both in our areas of influence and in our areas of vulnerability.

Our meeting format for this session will happen via Zoom. You will receive meeting details upon registering.

While you will benefit from a complete reading of Diane Langberg's Redeeming Power and encourage you to read the book as a whole, our weekly discussions will focus on specific chapters as our discussion guide. Please pick up her book now from your preferred bookseller and begin reading! Below is our slated discussion schedule for each week:

Sunday, December 13
Chapter 6: "Power in Human Systems"

Sunday, December 20
Chapter 7: "Power between Men and Women"

Sunday, December 27
Chapter 8: "The Intersection of Race and Power"

Crystal Lake Campus

(847) 682-0242

Zoom (login details in confirmation email)

Registration closed on Sunday, December 13, 2020