SBR Work Love Pray | Saturdays, Fall 2020

Are you driven to succeed and grow in your career? Do you want to sharpen your leadership skills in your workplace and at home while connecting with like-minded professional women? At this bi-weekly transformational experience, you will learn how to integrate your Christian faith, work and relationship through developing the leader within you!

This series will center its learning for Fall/Winter on:


We've all been born into a battlefield, an invisible, cosmic war is going on all around us. No matter who we are, we are part of this eternal warfare. And as leaders, the Bible tells us to never go into a battle undressed. Learn strategies to win your greatest leadership battles.

This class will be meeting virtually on the following Saturdays:

  • September 12 - CONFIDENCE – the belt of truth
    What is your personal brand.? It is who you are and what you stand for, the values you embrace and the way in which you use your voice. As Christian leaders how will you stand out and bring your whole self to your leadership unapologetically. 
  • September 26 - TRANSITIONS – shield of faith (Speaker: Angela Yee, Author, Trainer/Leader)
    Embracing life’s most difficult moments. Every day thousands of lives are altered by change. Most of us, however, do not have the experience to effectively work through such transitions. Whether you are facing change in your current circumstances or will face change in the future, the shield of faith gives the strength to build your trust in God, lower the anxiety of uncertainty, and supercharge your transition navigation skills. Explore the practical skills of navigating change and transitions while wielding this God-given tool. 
  • October 10 – PURPOSE – breastplate of righteousness
    People who have a deep sense of meaning about what they do are happier, more energized and far more resilient. Be on a mission to serve a higher purpose vs. simply advancing your career. 
  • October 24 - HUMANITY – good news shoes
    Leaders need to attend to and be aware of others. Individuals do not function in isolation but are part of a network that take shape. A leader’s decision can directly impact the survival of others. Let’s learn together 
  • November 7 - VIRTUAL WORLD – helmet of salvation
    How do you lead well when you can’t physically meet with the people you are leading? What is the etiquette and tips for effective leadership in a virtual world. Your emotional intelligence plays a vital part here. 
  • November 21 – SETBACKS – shield of faith
    Because we live in a broken world, you will experience doubt and setbacks that will challenge your leadership but make you into the leader God has called you to be. You might be in the middle of a setback right now. God is teaching you His ways. 
  • December 12 – HUMILITY: LEADER RE-CREATED – sword of the Spirit
    Today’s culture often considers pride a virtue—but God’s Word calls us to “put on” a different attitude. Learn the biblical marks of a humble heart. And, examine your walk as a leader over the last 3 months

South Barrington Campus


Zoom (online)


Virtual and in person groups will be offered. 

Registration closed on Friday, December 4, 2020