Elevate 6th Grade Drive Up (South Barrington)

6th grade Drive up.jpg

Do you have a student starting 6th grade this fall?  They are officially an Elevate student starting May 30/31!

To give new 6th graders a big WELCOME, our Elevate Staff wants to meet them in person and give them some Elevate swag and a new bible.

What: 6th Grade Drive Up - stay in your car, and we will take care of the rest!

When: Sunday, May 31 from 4-6pm (but you only need to stop by for 5 minutes)

Where: The Elevate Entrance at Willow (F Entrance)

Who: Incoming 6th Graders (and please bring someone old enough who can drive a car!)

South Barrington Campus


F Entrance of Willow Creek