Holy Yoga (Online)

Holy Yoga is a place for you to connect with Jesus. The goal of our gatherings is to provide a space for you to connect with God through His word, worship music, prayer, breath work, and movement. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your season of faith or physical abilities.

Holy Yoga is intended to deepen your relationship with God. While there may be some similarity to yoga elements–breath work and physical postures–our intention and focus is always Jesus Christ. Everything we do is intended to draw you closer to our Savior and Lord Jesus, to remind you that you are His beloved child, to give you space to listen to His Word, and live out your faith.

Holy Yoga is a national organization created to shine Jesus' love and light to every dark corner of the world. Our yoga teacher has been trained and certified through Holy Yoga. Her training includes physical and biblical instruction. You can learn more about the Holy Yoga organization here or by reading the book Holy Yoga: Exercise for the Christian Body and Soul.

Crystal Lake Campus


Virtual Meeting via Zoom link

Registration closed on Thursday, July 30, 2020