MOMS of Teenagers

Wednesdays | January 22 | 7 pm | Willow Huntley, Club 45 | Contact Marcie at OR Jamie at with questions or for more information. 

Come join us and get connected with other Moms as we kick-off our winter session diving into the book "Mom Set Free" by Jeannie Cunnion. In this 7-session study, "discover how the gospel message can empower you to parent in the freedom of God’s sovereignty so that you can breathe deeper, walk lighter, and enjoy your children—and the parenting journey—more than ever before (Amazon, 2020).

You will need to purchase the workbook, which can be found on Amazon for $13.99. There is also a book that goes along with the study, but you do not need it to participate. If you are experiencing financial hardships, please contact Mandy at 

ALL Moms are invited to participate and can be grouped together by parenting season, if desired. 

Huntley Campus

(847) 512-1548

Willow Huntley Offices (10880 N Rt 47)


No gathering 3/27/2019