Winter Book Club

We'll read Barefoot: A Story of Surrendering to God by Sharon Garlough Brown. Barefoot is the third book in a series called Sensible Shoes. You do not need to have read the previous books to participate.

Join the women of the Sensible Shoes Club in a poignant story that reveals the joy that comes from laying our lives at the feet of God and standing barefoot on holy ground. Having been challenged to persevere in hope, can they now embrace the joy of complete surrender? Along the way, we may find our own spiritual journey reflected in the lives of these women and discover the way forward on both an emotional and spiritual level. Together we'll also have the opportunity to practice some of the spiritual disciplines we will be reading about which will help us go a little deeper in our relationship with Jesus. Please read chapter 1 before our first evening together.

Crystal Lake Campus


Willow Crystal Lake, 100 South Main Street, Crystal Lake

Registration closed on Wednesday, March 20, 2019