Financial Freedom Workshop

According to a recent study, over half of Americans actually lose sleep because they’re worried about money! Is it possible to not have stress when thinking about your finances?

God’s word clearly speaks to us living in a way where we don’t worry about money (Matthew 6:34), but many of us don’t have the tools to make this a reality. This 3-week workshop is all about leading you on the Path to Financial Freedom. We’ll teach you the necessary steps to better understand your expenses and how to have greater intentionality with future spending.

Make this the year you get on track with your financial goals!

Come Learn:

· How to quickly get out of Debt

· The best path for reaching Financial Freedom

· Structure for creating Financial Goals

· What the Bible says about Money

· Practical Strategies for Saving

· And much more!

South Barrington Campus

(224) 512-2200



Cost $10 (Includes Lunch)

If cost limits your ability to attend please contact us.

Childcare Available

Please register together with anyone you would like to sit with unless it is your small group.  

Registration closed on Saturday, March 23, 2019