South Lake Breakaway 2018 (STUDENT Registration)

WHEN: Friday, November 9 – Saturday, November 10
WHERE: Covenant Harbor

Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel your students registration there is a $80 nonrefundable fee upon registration. You can cancel the registration to get a partial refund by emailing The deadline for accepting cancellations is November 4.

Financial Aid
If you are in need of financial assistance for Breakaway, please apply for financial aid at the following LINK. Due to limited funds, we cannot guarantee that all financial aid requests will be granted in full. if you have any questions please contact Roni Wood at

Things to know when registering:
• A parent or guardian needs to complete registration for each student in their family.
• You will NEED to sign the waiver before your registration is complete
• Please have the following information ready to complete your online registration: medical insurance, credit card, student's health information, small group leader's name.

Pranks & Illegal Substances

Elevate has a zero tolerance policy for pranks and illegal substances. Students who cause harm or damage to other students or property will be sent home. Additionally, we do not allow drugs, alcohol, fireworks, or other illegal substances at Sandblast.

Please be aware that filming and taping will take place on connection with Breakaway activities. By participating in these activities, you agree to allow photographs and videos of your voice and likeness to be used by Willow Creek Community Church for non-profit use and without charge to display at a service or event, use in a multimedia presentation, reprint and distribute in any Willow Creek non-profit publication, and to display on the Willow Creek Community Church website, and you release Willow Creek Community Church from all liability on account of such usage.

South Lake Campus


Covenant Harbor, Lake Geneva Wisconsin



Registration closed on Monday, November 5, 2018