Faith & Work | Call to Work Foundations Module - Cohort (4 Week Course)

For most people, work is often hard, stressful and/or unfulfilling. We want help and we know that God has so much more to offer in our work situations, yet most of us don’t know how to integrate our faith into what we do every day.

THE CALL TO WORK COURSE is a workshop-based experience teaching participants to integrate their faith into their daily, hour-by-hour work situations - bringing them more of God's purpose, wisdom, peace, joy and power.Through powerful frameworks, tools and an effective forum, participants are equipped to attune to God's guidance and presence in their everyday work situations. Throughout the Course, participants work through challenges – including the ones that keep them up at night: a difficult decision, a bad boss, issues juggling work with other priorities, etc.

THE FOUNDATIONS MODULE INTRODUCES FRAMEWORKS AND TOOLS TO HELP US SEE AND RESPOND TO OUR WORK SITUATIONS IN NEW, MORE CHRISTLIKE WAYS. In each workshop, participants learn and then practice the use of a new tool. The group first practices the use of the tool on a pre-written case study, and then breaks into pairs to practice the tool on personal work situations.

We will be meeting on Sunday's at 12:45 (after the 11am service), for 4 weeks, starting September 9 - 30th.

Registration is $50, so register today to get real, practical guidance and answers, directly from the Holy Spirit, about your work life.

**To register for the Call to Work Small Group instead, click here.


Chicago Campus


Willow Chicago Elevate Room (1319 S State St)