Computer Skills: Coding Fundamentals

Whether you are learning fundamentals or desire more in-depth skills, this five week Coding Fundamentals class taught in our Computer Lab will enhance your abilities to achieve noticeable results.  Class covers coding fundamentals, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Database, Project Management, Graphics, Web, Email, Social Media, and more.  But if you still need to learn to type or learn Word or Excel, join us anyway and we'll point you to valuable free on-line tutorial resources.

Week 1 | Introduction, Blockly, Python

Week 2  | Variables, Functions

Week 3 | Conditions

Week 4 | Loops

Week 5 | Lists

Taught in our Computer Lab (F182).  No registration required.

South Barrington Campus

(224) 512-1240



April 18 | Web/Email/Social Media

April 25 | Communications/Networking/Security

May 2 | HTML/CSS

May 9 | Graphics/JavaScript

May 16 | Database/Project Management

May 23 | Student Projects