South Barrington Campus

The Activity Center


The Gathering for Young Adults

What are the ingredients to a HAPPY and fulfilled life? Come discuss with us during our new series, The Pursuit of Happiness, 7PM THURSDAYS (starting 3/22) at The Gathering for young adults. Free food, childcare (click here), music and more at Willow Creek (Activity Center)! Register to avoid lines.


1. Why is there something called The Gathering?

Young Adults (regardless of their cultural, educational or social background) generally desire; Purpose, Healthy spaces to connect with other young adults, a sense of belonging, a desire to make the world a better place.

2. What is The Gathering?

A space where Young Adults, college students, young couples, and young professionals gather for an evening of connection, community and conversation groups regarding the topics that matter to us.

3. Who is invited to The Gathering?

Young Adults (18-39)

4. When is The Gathering?

Thursdays at 7pm

5. How long is The Gathering?

Approximately 90 minute

6. Where is The Gathering?

The Activity Center at Willow Creek

67 Algonquin Rd.

South Barrington, IL 60010

7. What can be expected at The Gathering?

Food, childcare for parents, a non-intimidating environment anyone (ages 18-39) wrestling with or growing in faith, music, an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to share, an opportunity to wrestle with a challenging topic, an opportunity to connect with new friends.

8. Is this a religious worship service?

No. This is an opportunity for young adults to connect and converse. Although The Gathering will be held on campus of a community church, The Gathering will not include a sermon or the worship music that usually precedes a sermon.

9. Will volunteers be needed for The Gathering?

Yes. Visit us at and click "Serve" to get connected.