We all face struggles that hold us back. Don't let your struggles win. Willow Creek Huntley's RECOVER program offers a safe, authentic environment where you can heal and grow. Give RECOVER a try—and take a step toward doing the rest of your life better. Our spring/summer session begins on April 5 and continues through August 30. 

· Do I need to register? Nope! Just show up.
· Is there a cost? No. RECOVER is free.
· I'm not much of a churchgoer. Can I still come? Absolutely! RECOVER welcomes everyone—from all churches and faith backgrounds, or no faith at all.
· I’m confused! Where do you meet? In Room 2125 and 2123 of Huntley High School. Enter Door 27. (When you enter the high school’s main entrance, you’ll come to a T and a “no right turn” sign. Turn right! (Yep.) Door 27 is hard to miss. A greeter will be there to point the way.
· Does RECOVER meet every Thursday? RECOVER meets every Thursday that the building is open.
· What kind of issues can RECOVER help me overcome? RECOVER groups help two primary types of people: Those who are struggling with relationships, and those who are working on their own unhelpful patterns and coping mechanisms. Common issues include:setting healthy boundaries; (truly) helping a loved one with an addictive pattern; finding your voice; issues with control or anger; people pleasing (codependency); alcohol abuse; prescription drug addiction or illegal drug use; sexual betrayal; pornography; food issues; gaming; gambling; social-media addiction; and more.If you're open to grow and heal, you'll find help here.

Questions? Contact Jim at or call 847-778-7147 today! (Like all things Recover, your questions and contact are completely confidential.)

Huntley Campus

(847) 778-7147

Huntley High School - Room 2125/2123 - Entrance 27

Registration closed on Thursday, March 29, 2018