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Huntley Park District: Willow Room

Registration closed on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Women's Workshop - "Listen to My Life"

Listen to My Life is appropriate for women of all ages who desire understanding, clarity, or direction.  

LISTEN TO MY LIFE is a unique, facilitated, mapping experience in which you’ll create visual tools that will become an on-ramp to conversations with yourself, God, and trusted others in reviewing your past, assessing your present, and continuing to joyfully and courageously walk with God into your future. The goal is to help you recognize and respond to God in the midst of your story. As you invite God into the process and document your story, desires, observations and plans in words, phrases, and pictures, you may sense God providing fresh insights, questions or specific direction by helping you to: CLARIFY your desires. DISCERN how your life story impacts the way you live today and your choices for tomorrow. UNDERSTAND yourself and your part in God’s larger story.  DECIDE what you might do to live a life that is a more full expression of who God created you to be.

A $39 portfolio, required for participation and payable at the door,

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