Beginnings: 2 Corinthians | Winter 2018

The Apostle Paul's letters to the Corinthians are addressed to a proud and prosperous church, and continue to be timely for the church today, both to instruct and to inspire. Christians are still powerfully influenced by their cultural environment, and most of the questions and problems that confronted the church at Corinth are still very much with us. Join us as we learn instructions covering many topics including spiritual gifts, church life, sexual issues, love, and worship. Whether this is your first Bible study or you are eager for a more in-depth look at these captivating books, join us in this year-long Bible study to learn more of God's desire to have a special relationship with you and how to apply this truth to your daily life.

Teacher: Peggy Walding

South Barrington Campus


Blue Sky 2


This is a 11-week class that runs from February 6 through April 24, but you can join at anytime!

The cost of this class is $10.

Childcare is available for $35/semester. Please register for childcare here. 

Registration closed on Wednesday, April 25, 2018