Care Center ESL

Do you need to learn or improve your English language skills?
Would improving your language skills help you get a better job or position?
Would you like to communicate better at work, home, public places or with friends?

The Care Center offers ESL classes to improve your English skills, help you understand the American culture, and give you a taste of Christian community.
· English is taught in a relaxed, safe, and informal environment.
· Teachers are kind and love to help students improve their English skills.
· Classes are held every day of the week to accommodate your schedule.
· Students are encouraged to take as many classes as their time allows according to their skill level.
· Lessons are relevant to students’ needs and interests.
· ESL Bible study and small group for spiritual growth and community support are available.
· Childcare is available in the Kids Zone for the morning classes.

Want to join our ESL classes? Sign up for ESL Registration, where you will receive your class level, signup for a class, and learn more about the program. Registrations take place twice a month, on a Thursday evening and a Saturday morning.

South Barrington Campus